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We are a Software Development Company


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At Tangience Technologies, we have a simple vision. Despite having a huge team of people from diverse backgrounds, with different experiences, ethnicity, and education, our common goal is to provide satisfaction and success to our customers, in their business.

Our team of truly dedicated professionals constantly strive for perfect deliveries and unmatched customer experience. The members of our team are trained to deliver high standards of technical competence. We deliver the best services to our clients, with the help of our engineers who have extensive knowledge of various IT skills.

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One of the major reasons to choose us is the flexibility and intellectual acuity that we use to align with our clients, by clearly understanding their requirements, and delivering work that lives up to their expectations. Our primary focus is to deliver the work in a timely manner, and the team is always attuned to deliver good results.

To compete in the fast paced global market, we follow high standards and offer sophisticated software application solutions to our clients. We are very different from our competitors as we aim to bring innovation to your business.

We try to find new and better ways to do your work, and make use of innovation to respond to change and uncertainties. With so many novel technical advancements, we make sure that we aren’t falling behind with older technologies and processes. We utilize information technology that is agile and nimble, to keep up with today’s demands.